Rinaldo Wirz, alias Ryo Fougere, is a Swiss creator living in Kyoto.

He offers services as:

– Video games

– 2D/3D animations / Motion Designs

– Digital & Analog illustrations

– Corporate & Graphical Designs

Please read and download his profil here (pdf)

2D/3D Animator for video games
Dragon Quest 11, StarFox Zero Wiiu, Lord Of Vermillion III, Logless, etc.

Game creator at Momo-pi
Spirit, Persephone, promotionnal game for the movie “Niwatori Star” , etc.

Moderate Game jamer
Pelleux, The Labyrinth of Kawarigami, ServantS, etc.


Octupus shut’em up 
need flash player to play
play Pelleux here


Rank 6 on 1500 entries for the Ludum Dare35
Pixel art plateforme game, done in 72houres
play Servants on itch.io

The Labyrinth of Kawarigami

Video Game done in 48h for the Global Game Jam 2016. The game is from 2 to 4 players, so ask a friend to play with you !
play Kawarigami on itch.io


Artistic director and animator for CM
Baseball Asahi Beer, “La cours des contes”, Animated old painting fo Swiss museum exhibition, animated Logo for KNM movie productions, “Unsolved” short movies for the CERN , etc.

Creator of short animated movies
Captain Velvet Meteor,  Tea-Boom, etc.

Card game, books, Live paintings, etc.

Spell of Genesis card game illustrations

3 pages in the “1700 et des poussières” comic book

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