Rinaldo Wirz 
Free-lance Artist


Creative director and Co-founder at Momo-pi 
Creative director and animator for Un-solved project
Worked on projects like StarFox Zero, Dragon Quest 11 and Lord Of Vermillion.


Fields :
Creative direction
2d Art
Game design


Please read and download my profil here (pdf)


Creative Director / Artist at Momo-pi
Co-founder of Momo-pi
Persephone, Spirit, Nyanja, promotional game for the movie “Niwatori Star”

Creative direction / 2D Arts / Animations / Game design

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2D/3D Animations for other companies
Square Enix / Nintendo / Aiming / iNiS
Dragon Quest 11, StarFox Zero WiiU, Lord Of Vermillion III, Logres…

Realization & Animation for Un-solved
“We know what we know, but we don’t know what we don’t know. “
Un-solved reveals the biggest unknowns of scientific research, those that keep scientists awake at night.

And much more !
– Short movies
– Animated logos & commercials
– Instructional and Educational Animations
– Animated paintings

On my Vimeo account


Card game, books, Live paintings, etc.

Spell of Genesis card game illustrations

3 pages in the “1700 et des poussières” comic book

Live painting